• T-Pot Version 24.04 released

      We are proud to announce the release of T-Pot 24.04! T-Pot 24.04 marks probably the largest change in the history of the project. While most of the changes have been made to the underlying platform some changes will be standing out in particular - a T-Pot ISO image will no longer be provided with the benefit that T-Pot will now run on multiple Linux distributions (Alma Linux, Debian, Fedora, OpenSuse, Raspbian, Rocky Linux, Ubuntu), Raspberry Pi (optimized) and macOS / Windows (limited).


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    • T-Pot Version 22.04 released

      We are proud to announce the release of T-Pot 22.04 with lots of new features i.e. new honeypots, a distributed installation option, arm64 support, live attack maps, Debian 11 base, ELK 8.x, and more. If you ever wanted to get started with honeypots (or take it to the next level), but with the ease of use of an appliance, now is the best time to get started.

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    • T-Pot Version 20.06 released

      On June, 30th 2020 we finally released T-Pot 20.06 after an extensive period of testing to ensure the update process (which is still in beta) is not likely to break things. With T-Pot 20.06 released we are proud to see that T-Pot is now growing faster than before. T-Pot 20.06 comes with new honeypots, such as Dicompot, a new Elasticpot and HoneySAP. All of which have Kibana dashboards readily available to get you covered…

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    • T-Pot Version 19.03 released

      In Mach 2019 we released T-Pot 19.03. Read more Details here.

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    • Potherder: a Honeypot Story

      It’s been seven years now that I started to contribute to the setup of Deutsche Telekom’s Early Warning System which is running multiple honeypots all over the globe and I would like to share my personal view on the history of the project, its internal goals and its achievements.

      I still remember the first group meeting with my department in November 2010. It was my third day at the new employment in the team “Security of Office and Portals” and I happened to start my new career path all dressed up, because I thought this was the way to go in a large corporation. Turns out I was wrong about this, some people were more technical than I initially thought and it took some time to lose the first impression I made wearing a suit…

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    • T-Pot Version 17.10 released

      In October 2016 we released T-Pot 16.10

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    • Opensourcing our Honeypot Backend (well, parts of it)

      The last years we have consistently supported the community by releasing new versions of our multi honeypot platform called T-Pot. This November we are proud to release a new version of T-Pot with exciting new features and …

      something more.

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    • T-Pot Version 16.10 released

      In March 2016 we released T-Pot 16.03 and the positive feedback encouraged us to continue development and share all the improvements with the community and are proud to present to you …

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    • T-Pot Version 16.03 released

      Last year we released T-Pot 15.03 as open source and we received lots of positive feedback and naturally feature requests which encouraged us to continue development and share our work as open source and are proud to present to you …

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    • Manual Docker Update for T-Pot (docker-engine 1.10)

      Yesterday Docker released version 1.10 (http://blog.docker.com/2016/02/docker-1-10/). While this release will improve on security and bring lots of useful features the automatic upgrade within T-Pot (http://dtag-dev-sec.github.io/feature/2015/10/23/updated-docker.html) will hang.

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    • Updated Docker Ubuntu Repository for T-Pot

      Last spring we released T-Pot and ever since, Docker evolved rapidly with new versions, new features, and eventually a new repository. With regards to early releases of T-Pot and the fast development of Docker, we manually pinned the Docker versions used to the 1.5.x and 1.6.x branches. Now, with the latest Docker releases and Dockers’ switch to a new repository for Ubuntu (and deprecating the one we have been using), we updated the T-Pot ISO and the GitHub project accordingly.

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    • Introduction into T-Pot: A Multi-Honeypot Platform

      We created a honeypot platform, which is based on the well-established honeypots glastopf, kippo, honeytrap and dionaea, the network IDS/IPS suricata, elasticsearch-logstash-kibana, ewsposter and some docker magic. We want to make this technology available to everyone who is interested and release it as a Community Edition. We want to encourage you to participate.

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    • Brand new Design for our "Sicherheitstacho" (Securitymeter)

      We have just now updated our Sicherheitstacho to be able to show the data from the community honeypots. Just follow this link.

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    • Full Overview about all of Deutsche Telekom's Honeypot Projects

      Over the time, we developed a number of projects, which we mostly published on Github.

      Parts of them were developed in “one day a month” projects, others in spare time of dedicated persons. Our “one day a month” approach from the central security organization basically means, that the security employees can work one day a month on a technical topic, aside from day-to-day business. The topic must be somehow related to their work, but does not necessarily have to be security-focussed.

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    • Introduction to Deutsche Telekom's Honeypot Project

      Deutsche Telekom’s honeypot project was started in 2010 by a small group of enthusiasts. We initially started with Lukas Rist’s great Glastopf web honeypot and soon added further honeypot daemons like kippo, honeytrap and dionaea. Over the next years we deployed more and more honeypots.

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