Apple's UIKit Vulnerability - Sandbox Escape

A vulnerability has been identified in various Apple devices, including iPhones, posing a significant risk. The vulnerability affects the UIKit component. Users are strongly encouraged to update their devices to the latest version to protect their data.


  • Product: Various Apple Systems
  • Affected Version: iOS/iPadOS < 17.4, iOS/iPadOS < 16.7.6, macOS Sonoma < 14.4, visionOS < 1.1, watchOS < 10.4, tvOS < 17.4
  • Vulnerability Type: Improper Input Validation (CWE-20)
  • Risk Level: Medium
  • Vendor URL:
  • Vendor acknowledged vulnerability: Yes
  • Vendor Status: Fixed
  • CVE: CVE-2024-23246

The vulnerability exists because the UIKit component contains code that, if exploited, can allow an application to escape its sandbox.


Exploitation of this vulnerability by an attacker could have serious security implications. Breaking out of the sandbox could allow a malicious app to access sensitive data and potentially control other parts of the system, compromising the overall security of the device.